KK3Q (ex-KD4KU & WD4HSA)
EPC #786 | CDG #131 | NDG#120
30 Meter Digital Group #0198
SRT #259 | DMClub #689
ARLHS #1366 | 10-10 #26039
Feld Hell #FH 733 | 070 #581

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Site Map

Home Page - the main page of the site.

EPC - files for the European Phaseshift Keying Club.

Contesting - contesting awards & certificates from contesting.

QSO Parties - various QSO parties I have been in.

Awards - Awards such as WAS, WPX and others.

Wallpaper - Some of the many certificates I have accumulated.

QSL - Special QSL cards and eQSL collections.

Logs - Search my logs to see if we have worked in the past.

Misc - Stuff like the DX Code of Conduct & The Steelers.

Steelers - If you love the Steelers you will love this page.

Organizations - Various clubs I am a member of.

Lighthouses - Visit the lighthouses I have worked.

IOTA - Some of my Islands On The Air QSLs.

Zero Five - My main antenna.

Hurricanes - The famous storms of 2005.

Links - Some links we have traded for.

10-10 - The 10-10 International organization.

Digital Groups - Various digital clubs that I belong to.

30 MDG - The 30 Meters Digital Group.

NDG - Natal Digital Group.

CDG - Croation Digital Group.



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