KK3Q (ex-KD4KU & WD4HSA)
EPC #786 | CDG #131 | NDG#120
30 Meter Digital Group #0198
SRT #259 | DMClub #689
ARLHS #1366 | 10-10 #26039
Feld Hell #FH 733 | 070 #581

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PSK Helpers

Those who have worked me on any of the digital modes will verify that my typing isn't the greatest and macros are my best friends (even if others dislike them). In all fairness though I have circumstances beyond my control at times:

Our cockatiel trying to type while i am running the rig from the living room.

He thinks he's a big-time contester.

Our little love bird just loves the top of the laptop.

She really loves QSL cards. So she can chew on them.

Tilt-N-Raise Portable Antenna Mount

The Tilt-N-Raise Portable Antenna Mount

A new way to mount portable antennas for EMCOMM, lighthouse activators, Field Day and more. For more information go to: www.tiltnraise.com.


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